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OuterTrails Cedar Wood Bat House

OuterTrails Cedar Wood Bat House

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  • WEATHERPROOF: Made from handcrafted cedar and varnished with weatherproof materials, this bat house can withstand most weather patterns including snow, rain, cold, and heat
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Our pre-assembled bat house is a secure habitat to keep bats dry and comfortable during their sleeping hours. This house comes pre-assembled and easy to install with it\'s sturdy hook on the back and can be secured to houses, trees and other locations
  • ELIMINATE YOUR MOSQUITO POPULATION: Bats are a natural predator against mosquitoes so creating a home for these bats will decrease the mosquito population in your area
  • LARGE CAPACITY: These multi-chamber bat houses leave enough room for dozens of bats to roost
  • INTERNAL GROOVES: Internally, each chamber has a grid pattern to give the bats maximum gripping surfaces for landing and roosting.
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Worldwide bats are in danger of losing their habitats. Without places to perch these bats are at risk. With the help of Outertrails , these creatures can have their own habitats.

Hand crafted from cedar wood and weatherproofed, this bat house will withstand all types of weather from heat to snow to rain. Our bat houses are pre-assembled and easy to install with the mounting hook on the back.

Install your house at least 12 feet above the ground giving your bat easy access from their natural soaring pattern. Try and mount in a location that gets at least 5 hours of sunlight a day but is shielded from wind. Do not disturb roosting bats and allow several months for bats to discover your bat house.

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